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Industrial Equipment

ITM can help you source from all over the world anything that your business may need. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, tell us what you need and we can help you find the right partner. 

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Pipe Spools-Hydrotransport and Tailings

• Hydraulic cylinder and suspension component remanufacturing
• Overlaid piping spools
• Snubber remanufacturing
• Field service
• Component Salvage – Mobile Equipment
• Component Salvage – Industrial Pumps

• Plasma transferred arc (PTA)
• Spray and fuse
• Flux cored arc welding (FCAW)

• Hard chrome electroplating
• Sulfamate nickel plating
• Combustion

• High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)
• Ultra High Density ID VHOF™ (UHD ID HVOF™)
• Twin wire arc
• Plasma
• Combustion

• Phosphating
• Grinding
• Polishing
• Stripping
• Machining
• Honing
• Welding

Mobile Equipment Component Remanufacturing and Repair Programs for:
• Hydraulic cylinders & suspension components
• Snubbers
• Other wear components such as track adjusters, center joints, hitches, etc.

Pipe spools – Hydrotransport and Tailings
• Spray and fuse applied tungsten carbide for most severe service
• Chrome carbide coated for less severe applications
• Reducers, bends, straights, transition rings and more
• New build and repair

Valves – Severe Service
• Remanufacture or repair severe service slurry valves
• Tungsten or chrome carbide liner coatings for prolonged service life

Component Salvage – Supports Central Maintenance Activities
• HVOF, PTA, electroplating and other coating application systems return worn components to new condition.
• Pump components – volute, casing, impellor
• Valves – stem, gates, seats, cylinders
• Compression equipment, centrifuges, bearing fits, shafts and more

Turnaround, Shutdown and Field Service Support
• Blast and coat (thermal spray aluminum, Hastelloy etc) tanks, vessels, pipe, scrubbers, firetubes, columns, accumulators, separators etc.

Wear Products
• Grader and dozer blades
• Fixed plant: chutes, feed bins, crusher linersand more.
• TSRU feed nozzles and shed decks
• Tungsten or chrome carbide coatings for GET and crushing cones in severe service applications

• Electroplating Application System (SAE AMS2460 Rev A)
• GE Hitachi Equipment (EES-6.8-1)

We offer the appropriate patented coating system technology to solve abrasion and corrosion impacting landing gear components.

We solve challenging corrosion, abrasion and erosion problems before they result in costly, unexpected outages

We offer a proprietary nanoHVOF system, (a combination of ultrafine alloy powders with the application technologies needed to process sub micron materials) an effective solution to modern polymer processing wear problems.

Snubber amortiguador hidraulico para palas P&H y Caterpillar

Snubber - Amortiguador P&H & Caterpillar

Exploration and Drilling

  • • Pioneer II
  • • Water Pumps
  • • C22/25 Track Mounted Seismic Drill
  • • SCOUT Rubber Track Mounted RC/RAB Drill
  • • Grasshopper Track Mounted RC/RAB Drill
  • • Pioneer Auger Drill

ITM through its consulting services help companies from different regions in the Americas to expand their reach to new geographies throughout the American Continent.

Whether you are targeting a specific country in the Americas or the whole region, ITM can accelerate your business expansion and generate new business opportunities.

While ITM can help your business across different sectors, we possess additional strength and a strong network in the mining, health, and transportation industries.


If your goal is to expand your business, or you are looking for new revenue opportunities, ITM can help.