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PPE and Safety Supplies

ITM can help you source from all over the world anything that your business may need. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, tell us what you need and we can help you find the right partner. 

Tell us how we can help!

• Coverall
• Coverall, Split
• Type 4/5/6 Coverall
• Type 5/6 Coverall
• Lab coat
• Isolation Gown
• PE Visitor Coat
• PE Smock
• CPE Thumb Hook Gown

• Mob Cap
• Bouffant Cap
• Peaked Cap
• Work Cap
• Astro cap,with/without facemask
• Industrial Hood
• Nylon Net Cap
• Chef Cap
• Forage Cap

• Nonwoven Face Mask
• Dust Mask
• Paper Face Mask
• Beard Cover

• Vinyl Glove
• Creamy Vinyl Glove
• Nitrile Glove
• PE Glove
• PE Glove with long sleeve
• CPE Glove
• TPE Glove
• Latex Household Glove

• PE Apron

• T-Shirt Apron

• PVC Apron

• TPU Apron

• Nonwoven Apron

• Dental Bib

• Sleeve Cover

• CPE Shoe Cover

• PE Shoe Cover

• PP+CPE Shoe Cover

• Nonwoven Shoe Cover

• Non-skid PP Shoe

• Nonwoven Sock Cover

• PE coated PP Shoe

• Microporous Shoe

• Boot Cover

• G-String

• Briefs

• Washing Glove

• Chair Hood

• Bed Sheet

• Bed Cover

• PE Cover

• Paper Sheet with PE coated

• Surgical Gown

• Doctor Set

• Basic Pack

• Universal Pack

• Laparotomy Pack

• C-Section Pack

• Delivery Pack

• Orthopedic Pack

• Eye Pack

• Dental Pack

• Arthroscopy Pack

• Extremity Pack

• Angiography Pack

• Surgical Drape

ITM through its consulting services help companies from different regions in the Americas to expand their reach to new geographies throughout the American Continent.

Whether you are targeting a specific country in the Americas or the whole region, ITM can accelerate your business expansion and generate new business opportunities.

While ITM can help your business across different sectors, we possess additional strength and a strong network in the mining, health, and transportation industries.


If your goal is to expand your business, or you are looking for new revenue opportunities, ITM can help.